Blue & Gold Banquets

Thank you for considering Illusions by Vick for your Blue and Gold Banquet Entertainment
I was a Cub Scout 40+ years ago
(Pack 121 in Brooklyn, Maryland)
and sincerely enjoying performing for Blue and Gold Banquets
I know how important and special Blue and Gold Banquets are
Am honored to perform for Blue and Gold Banquets every year

Illusions by Vick extends a Discount
to all Cub Scout Packs for their Blue & Gold Banquet Magical Entertainment
This allows me the opportunity to give a little back back to Scouting

Details on pricing are further down the page

What's Being Said about
Illusions By Vick

Illusions by Vick
Blue & Gold Magician
would like to say

Congratulations on
112 Years of Scouting!

For available dates and more information
Please contact Illusions by Vick
443-540-9631 or
Use the form below

Illusions by Vick Quick Contact

Email Address:
Telephone Number
Date of Show
Show Information

The show is not the stereotypical silly type magician.
I don't play "down" to younger audiences,

The show is crafted to spark imaginations and stimulate minds while entertaining.
Creating a world of amazing, fun and unique magical entertainment
filled with laughter and willing audience participation

There is something for everyone of all ages to enjoy and relate to in the performance

The performance is crafted to entertain in the moment,
and help create the great memories.

Show Content -
Blue and Gold Banquets are usually a 45 minute stage/parlor show
(which can be expanded or shortened)

Your special Blue & Gold entertainment will feature
Illusions by Vick Original Illusions
(which becomes the "Blue and Gold Dinner" 
and ends with a "cake" being
magically baked with the ingredients being the Cub Scout Oath) ,
"Through the Looking Glass",
"The Rites of Spring"
(which incorporates the Laws of the Pack into a magical presentation),
"Floating Butterflies" & "The Sorcerer's Apprentice"
as well as engaging classics of magic, 
amazing feats of mentalism and a few surprises.
All presented with a sense of wonderment and fun 
to evoke amazement and laughter.

The performance highlights the values of Scouting in the Magic,
It's a very magical show with an underlying positive message Scouts can relate to.

The Show includes a good bit of audience participation.

Themes & Characters-
Illusions by Vick usually suggests
performing as a well attired illusionist
(classy and elegant but not stuffy or outdated)

If your Blue and Gold Banquet has a special theme
We can integrate elements of your theme into the performance
Illusions by Vick is available as the following characters
Professor Snape (from the Harry Potter stories),
Oz the Great and Powerful
the Mad Hatter, a Wizard, wondering conjurer,
a Pirate, Edgar Allen Poe,
early 20th century magician or Willie Wonka.
If you have a different character in mind
please call or email and we will see what can be done.

Fees and Payment -
For All Blue and Gold Banquets
The total fee is $275.
This is all inclusive and there are no extra charges

Being a former Cub Scout
(and knowing some Blue and Gold Banquets are budget conscious)

My way of giving a little back

To inquire about Illusions by Vick for your 
Blue and Gold Banquet
please call 443-540-9631, email
or you can use the contact form
on this page for more information

If at all possible I ask that you please
contact me soon as possible.
Am fortunate to perform for 12 to 15 Blue & Gold Banquets
every year
and am often booked up quickly 
(some Packs book a year to 6 months in advance).

If you have any questions, requests or if I can be of any
assistance with your Blue and Gold Banquet
Please call or email and I'll be glad to assist

Technical Requirements -
Illusions by Vick is a self contained show
All that is requested is a 6 foot square area to set up in and perform from
We provide our own P.A. system
and all equipment

The show can be performed from a traditional stage
or if better for the facility we can perform
on the main floor with the guests

Access to the performance area is requested about 
40 minutes before the start of the show
For load in and set up

Additional Notes -
Schedule, interest and time permitting I make myself available for
a brief (5 to 25 minutes) question and answer period after the show
This is included as part of the show.

At Blue and Gold Banquets Illusions by Vick does not have any items for sale.
I don't feel it is proper to try to make additional revenue
selling anything to scouts or their families at Blue and Gold Banquets

Blue and Gold Banquets are some of my favorite shows every year.
To help celebrate the Pack's success and achievements
of the past year and look forward to the new year
is a great honor and privilege.

Here are a few excerpts from emails sent after Blue & Gold Banquets

What a wonderful person to deal with, great performer and superb with the kids.
Vick performed at our Blue & Gold Banquet,
and included Cub Scouting values and the pledge seamlessly in his act.
It was captivating, entertaining and impressive for everyone there (kids and adults).
Scheduling and communication was excellent.
Thank you Vick!
Richard Dommers
Cubmaster Pack 76

Pack 76 would like to express their sincere thanks for making our event truly memorable! It was a hit!!
The kids loved you and the parents were so impressed!
Your showmanship truly kept all ages of the audience in suspense and amazement.
Your special cub scout emphasis to the show made it a perfect start to our Blue and Gold Ceremony.
Thank you so very much.
It has certainly been a pleasure to work with you and I will definitely recommend you to other Packs.
PS. It was truly heartwarming to see one of my little bear scouts really take a shine to you.
He rarely ever reaches out to anyone and he was extremely inspired by you.
Gail W."
Pack 76

Vick � We had so much fun with your show!
Many people told me at the end of the evening that this was the best Blue and Gold Banquet ever
and I believe that this to a large part due to how well your program blended
with our message and how much the kids enjoyed your illusions.
The adults were equally mesmerized and liked your presentation.
Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us.
We wish you all the best and I will surely recommend your show to friends and other packs!
Thank you again for your presentation, your professional attitude,
for making the entire transaction very easy and enjoyable
and for your creativity and your excellent ability to relate to the kids.
Friderike Butler
Cubmaster Pack 152

"Thank you very much for providing our entertainment for Blue & Gold yesterday!
I have received countless verbal, email & Facebook comments on how great you were!
The boys were enthralled, engaged, & entertained!
One of our best yet!
C. Parsons Pack 1833

"I have never heard so many positive comments about the
entertainment chosen for our annual Cub Scout Blue/Gold dinner
as this year when Vick performed for 100 or more wide eyed scouts.
Both kids and parents were amazed by the magic!
In addition, we were all impressed by the way Vick
incorporated scouting values and the 100th Birthday of
scouting into the program.
I would highly recommend this
Magician for any event."

Pam Johnson Pack 688

"Dear Vick -
Just wanted to say thank you so much
for making our blue and gold banquet such a success.
Everyone enjoyed your show thoroughly and I received many compliments about your show.
You had something for everyone to enjoy.
Thanks again."
Laura and Ben Bauman
Pack 1111

If you view the testimonials page
There are a few more references from Blue & Gold Banquets of previous years

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Please feel free to call 443-540-9631 or email
with any questions, requests or if I can be of any assistance with your Blue and Gold Banquet

Illusions by Vick Quick Contact

Email Address:
Telephone Number
Date of Show
Show Information