Am humbled and incredibly fortunate to have met and performed for so many outstanding people/audiences
Thank you

Reviews & Testimonials
~ 2007 to 2024

"Vick is a gifted magician, that's indisputable. But he's something more, too.
He's a storyteller and an artist. A romantic. A person of hope.
And beyond that, Vick is a generous soul.
He gave my party guests an amazing gift: awe and wonder.
Each guest left feeling like something incredible had just happened.
Something that they were a witness to, yes, but also a part of.
For me, it was the perfect gift to give to these people who mean so much to me.
And for that, I will forever be grateful to him.
Thank you, Vick.
Brenna M.
Adult Birthday Party
May 19, 2019

"Vick was AMAZING! Truly made my night at my 30th birthday.
The whole crowd loves his act (from ages 8-60) and he really just brought so much life to his show.
He was funny, kind, so easy to work with.
I mean seriously, he was just amazing entertainment and made my magic dreams come true.
He even left me with souvenirs from some tricks of the show that we got frames for today and I can't wait to hang up.
Memories for a lifetime, I am so thankful for his time and his craft! One million gold stars!"
Dom & Perry
Adult Birthday Party
May 22, 2021

Vick did a fantastic job engaging my team after a 5 hour long workshop.
He was extremely professional, accommodating, and talented.
Thank you, Vick, for bringing a smile to everyone in our meeting - it was a really memorable experience!
Jennifer M.
Conrad Washington DC Workshop (Hilton)
July 26, 2022

"Best event I've ever planned
Working with Vick was so easy and he personalized the event to the group.
The audience of scientists was captivated and delighted.
I highly recommend him."
Renee C.
University of Maryland School of Medicine
September 23, 2023

"Our party was such a hit only because of Professor Snape aka Vick!
He was so entertaining and we were so impressed that he kept almost 20 kids mesmerized for the entirety of the show!
He was witty, engaging- and also so thoughtful to drop in a few life lessons subtly in between tricks- just brilliant!
I'm so glad we had him!
My twins are big Harry Potter fans and actually believed that he was the real Professor Snape from the movie!
They said this was the best party ever because of Professor Snape!!
Thank You!!"
February 5, 2023
Professor Snape Performace

"Vick was more than I could have ever asked for.
Everyone loved him, he was well prepared and truly cares about his craft.
I must say the best thing about Vick is that he is a great person and truly cares about your special day,
everything about him is genuine... I highly recommend him!"
Nicolette W.
Gender Reveal
February 14, 2021

"I hired Vick for a birthday party with 24 adult and skeptical guests.
He really hit it out of the park.
He won them all over.
My guests are still talking about it, and they are a tough crowd.
He requested a tiny bit of information in advance which he clearly used to tailor the show to the crowd,
and he read the people beautifully.
His show was fun, fascinating, and moving.
I hired Vick once before for a large corporate event, and he was fantastic in that setting as well.
He was easy to communicate with, and was exactly on time.
Vick is an amazing illusionist.
I felt honored to have someone with his talent in my home.
He is masterful, and you will love him, too.
Kelly C.
Adult Birthday Party
March 21, 2017

"We had a group of 35 professionals/colleagues from work over at our house for a dinner/cocktail party.
Vick was awesome and the highlight of the evening for our guests.
From the moment Vick walked in to our home, he was on fire!
By the end of his show, everyone was talking to and about Vick!
Vick was extremely easy to work with and was very accommodating.
We give Vick FIVE STARS*****
Kris D
Dinner Party
January 16, 2018

We couldn't have imagined a better Illusionist for our wedding.
Vick was engaging, funny, thoughtful and kind.
The illusions were fantastic and his thoughtfulness of audience participation added to the fun.
Even getting us, the Bride and Groom involved made our wedding so personal and memorable for a lifetime.
Kim G.
Wedding Reception
Dcember 21, 2021

A delightfully eerie character, Vick seems to have time travelled from an early 1900s carnival show.
Each trick has been carefully honed over the last 20 (or 100?) years.
Vick somehow managed to entertain a group of 7 year-old boys for 45mins
as well as enthrall the jaded parents at a recent birthday party.
Your guests will be entertained, the children slightly terrified, all at a very reasonable price.
Book him now. You won't be disappointed.
Anna K.
February 13, 2022

"Ok. I'm not exaggerating when I say Vick is the cutest and best magical performance we have experienced.
My child was so happy and amazed from the minute he walked in the door.
He was very accommodating to date changes due to the weather on the original date which we really appreciate.
The tricks were original and great and everyone could not stop talking about the show after it was over.
10000% best decision hiring Vick!"
8th Birthday Party
March 10, 2022

"Hi Vick,
I just wanted to thank you again for coming out to entertain us
at Jennifer's birthday celebration and helping to make it super special.
It was a pleasure to meet you and your performance was truly fantastic.
I loved your originality and enthusiasm -- it really made for an unforgettable evening!
You definitely know how to captivate your audience
(my group of 15/16 year olds that are "too cool" to appear too excited
-- they have been talking about you for a few days now.)
I can't shake the feeling that I have met you before somewhere,
but perhaps its just your natural charisma that makes it seem that way.
Best Wishes for continued success in all that you do.
Take Care,
16th Birthday Party
November 5, 2017

Vick was the consummate professional.
I came to him with a description of what my banquet's guest of honor
wanted to see and he delivered on every point.
Vick performed to approximately 120 people, the majority being professional woman
(and the guest of honor's grandchildren).
Vick interacted with the children and with the adults.
He kept everyone engaged, he was lively and funny, and kept everyone guessing "how did he do that?"
The guest of honor was thrilled with the performance.
I also had the opportunity to speak with many of the banquet attendees the next morning
and many voiced interest in booking Vick.
Vick is AMAZING!!
I can't thank him enough!"
Cindy M.
IAAP (Corporate Banquet)
June 7, 2014

"Professor Snape appeared for my daughter's birthday.
He stayed in character, and interacted with the kids while he was setting up and tearing down.
The show was breathtaking. When he started his act only the kids were paying attention,
but didn't take long for every parent there to fall under his spell too.
Vick was very professional, very easy to work with, and I can not reccomend him enough.
Six months later, when I run into parents who had brought their kids to the party they still talk about it.
(I've gotten a few complaints from them that they'll never be able to throw a birthday party as amazing as that one).
He left quite an impression on my daughter, and she frequently talks about Professor Snape."
Teal Q
Professor Snape Performance
June 6, 2018

"Illusions by Vick is an astounding magician who amazed the Oracle Sales Team
of around 150 people in DC on the Odyssey Cruise Line.
When I told him our theme and that this event was to Kick-Off off to raise moral
and excitement for this time of the year - he took my ideas to the next level
and worked out an entire show catered to our event and its purpose.
Overall Vick was professional and truly accommodating which I appreciate.
I would highly recommend Vick for your next event.
Everyone here at Oracle Thanks You Vick for a GREAT TIME"
Elyse M.
March 8, 2013 (Corporate Cruise)

"We hired Vick for an office holiday party.
The show was engaging on all levels.
The banter, audience interaction, and most importantly the illusions were top notch
and everyone had a fantastic time. The event lived up to its Amazing namesake.
I highly recommend Vick for any gathering that wants a fun and amazing time."
Anthony T.
Corporate Holiday Celebration
December 16, 2018

"My experience with Vick was awesome!
I am so glad that I chose him to perform for my husband's 40th Birthday Party!
He kept the crowd engaged and entertained during the performance.
His illusions had us speechless!
Vick was very professional and genuinely a nice guy.
Book him! I know that I will again!!"
January 21, 2017 (40th Birthday Party)

"Our company hired Vick to entertain our customers during our Hospitality Party.
From the moment he stepped in the door, we knew he was the real deal!
He had a quick setup, fantastic attire and a great presence.
He was well received by all of our guests and was the perfect addition to the party.
We would highly recommend Vick!
Thank you Vick for making our party a hit!"
Tracker Management Systems
November 22, 2016 (Trade Show Hospitality Suite)

"Vick on a VERY VERY SHORT NOTICE, Brought his AAA+ Performance to Our Lions & Ruritan Club Benefit Shows!!
We asked Vick to put together 4 shows over two days, with a 3 day notice!
Without a thought, he put me at ease!!
We are looking forward to working with him in the future.
Again! Thank You Vick!!"
Scott Drummond, Past President, Benefit Show Chairman Stafford Lions Club
July 9, 2015

"Highly recommended, excellent entertainer!
From the beginning to the end - from the clear and well-organized WEB site,
to detailed and helpful emails and communication during the show organization period's back and forth,
to the impeccable appearance, to the classy yet lively and witty performance,
to the impressive tricks, to the perfect demeanor - the experience has been an A+ throughout.
Vick is a gem; highly, highly recommended.
(Ours was a house-based 50th birthday party for about 35 guests
and Vick accommodated and delivered beyond expectations.
One hint: make sure you discuss all details of your occasion with him
- his vast experience allows him to offer most helpful suggestions on setting the show up,
and incorporating it into the party's flow
- for us his gift presentation suggestion even influenced the selection of the gift)."
Eugene & Katherine
Potomac, Maryland
March 2, 2012

Illusions by Vick put on an amazing show!
From the moment he stepped in the door, he had 25 8-10 year olds completely captivated!
Vick personalized the show for my eight year old daughter and made her feel very special.
She said to me after the party that she wants to have a magic show everyday!
Vick was professional, courteous and very involved in ensuring my daughter had the best birthday party!
Thank you Vick for making her day extra special!
Alison G.
February 6, 2016

Vick, was just awesome! The whole day went very well.
He took his time setting up and showed an enormous amount of patience with
the small people that were there. He took the time to answer
their questions both before and after his show.
The best part of his service was his ability to put a personal touch on
each illusion her performed. My daughter, the birthday girl, believes the show
was built around her needs, and they were. Vick kept his audience attention from
the beginning to the end. There was at least 50 people there and probably 90
degrees and he kept his cool and pulled off the show without a hitch.
My hat off to him. If there is ever a time I need another magic act I will
not hesitate to call him. Just wonderful. His show lasted almost an hour.
Vick Gisin is a professional with one of the biggest hearts I have ever seen.
He put his whole self into the planning of our show. Just amazing.
Sharon D.
September 6, 2013 (40th Birthday Party)

Every year I do a party at our home for my office staff and close friends.
This year I wanted to do something of a surprise and something unique for them.
I interviewed several illusionists and chose Vick to do my party.
He was the most responsive to me and my questions from the very first time of contact.
He asked many questions about what we do at our office and names and their staff positions.
He was nothing less than amazing!
He tailored the show to my staff and made it personal and interactive.
We all absolutely loved him and his magic and the personal touch was a big bonus!
He was the only one who was so responsive to our needs
and kept in close contact right up to the show by emails.
I would highly recommend him and without ANY reservation!
I have received many compliments on having Vick as the surprise at the party
and all have commented that..."this was the best party, yet !"
(Going to be hard to top this one for next year !)
With sincere gratitude to Vick,
Dr. Maurice W. Aiken
December 14, 2013 (Holiday Party)

Vick was way beyond our expectations.
He absolutely enthralled our group of 10-year old boys.
He had a very stylish, professional magician's manner but really connected
to the kids. Some of our boys know magic and he wowed them.
A definite go to performer for us. Better yet, Vick was a very easy hire:
responsive to emails, arrived on time and required nothing from us
to set up and break down.
David J.
December 8, 2014 (Birthday Party)

What a wonderful person to deal with, great performer and superb with the kids.
Vick performed at our Blue & Gold Banquet, and included Cub Scouting values
and the pledge seamlessly in his act. It was captivating, entertaining and impressive
for everyone there (kids and adults). Scheduling and communication was excellent.
Thank you Vick!
Richard D.
March 8, 2013 (Blue & Gold Banquet)

"Vick gave us a great performance.
He was prompt and very professional.
All the quests at our party are still raving about his show.
So many of our friends and family said it was the best birthday party ever
and we credit Vick for this.
Vick was in contact before the party to collect information on our interests
and incorporated this into the show.
It was my husband's birthday.
He is a doctor and a lawyer and he was amazed by Vick and keeps thanking me for finding him.
It was a wonderful experience to see Vick in action...five star magician!"
Natalie H.
Harrisburg PA
March 21, 2014 (85th Birthday Party)

Vick was the most wonderful and most entertaining magician we've ever had.
He gave special attention to the children in our group, and at the same time
had all the adults mesmerized as he worked his magic.
It was a truly wonderful evening and I would definitely have Vick return next year.
Vick was also an extremely polite and friendly young man and he made
every effort to be sure to our party was a success !! It worked !!
Falls Church, VA
December 13, 2014 (Holiday Party)

Vick was AMAZING! He was very professional in every way.
He responded very quickly to all of my emails, arrived on time,
appearance is professional and had a wonderful variety of illusions he presented.
Using the audience in part of his show always makes for great laughs too!
Everyone LOVED him! I would HIGHLY recommend him.
We had an all adult audience and his presentation was perfect!
Lori P.
January 12, 2013 (Motorcycle Club Banquet)

"A+ The best of the best!
Very entertaining, exceptional magic tricks, friendly, funny, mind blowing illusions!
My dads 80th birthday party was made very special thanks to Vick!
Everyone loved him!
He was very kind and made everyone feel special, mainly my dad!"
Robyn S
November 5, 2015

"Vick was very easy to work with from the start.
Very cordial, explained in detail what to expect,
and wanted to be sure he met our company's wishes.
His performance was amazing. Our employees are still talking about him.
It worked so well and I don't know how he does what he does.
He added a dimension of wonderment to our event. Simply great."
Kimberly F
September 22, 2012 (Company Picnic)

" ..... Your unique and dignified approach touched me in a way that most magicians don't.
The near macabre but lovely delivery of illusion you employ is almost Tim Burton-esque on the surface,
but simultaneously filled with so much heart that all of the departed classically trained magicians surely
must be looking over your shoulder each time you extract a sense of wonder in the wry smiles of your audience.
Thank you, Vick, for truly making my day special and bringing a true sense of wonder alive again in me."
Dave R.
January 25, 2010

"He captivated the audience immediately!
A great personality and interacted with the residents wonderfully!
Would have him back and recommend to others.
Thanks Vick you made it an extra special day for our residents and families!!!!
Debi W.
McLean, Virginia
October 31, 2009 (Retirement Community)

"I could not have asked for a better performer for our fundraiser.
Vick was simply outstanding - so good that we've already decided
to have him back again next year.
He is incredibly patient, amazingly talented,
and fantastically skilled at entertaining children and adults simultaneously.
Thanks, Vick, for a GREAT time!"
Susan C
Columbia, Maryland
May 14, 2010 (School Fund Raiser)

"Vick, you were awesome!
I saw my boss grinning like a little kid.
Everyone was just delighted by your performance.
It made me look really good."
D. Lehman
Annapolis Yacht Club
June 14, 2011 (Corporate Dinner)

"Vick went out of his way to learn about my company and about our products.
He then incorporated what he had learned into his act and illusions.
Vick was a joy to work with and I would recommend him for a trade show."
- John R.
Senior Vice President, Director Sales & Marketing
Navellier & Vireo Investments

April 23 & 24, 2012
IMCA Trade Show, Washington, DC

"Illusions by Vick made my daughter's birthday party an absolute success!
Vick is extremely professional, personable, and very talented.
His performance was not your run of the mill magician variety and he has a great look.
He combined story and illusion and performed tricks we had not seen before,
which made his show enjoyable by all.
We had about 40 people at the party, ranging in age from 4 through 74
and everyone loved his show, especially when he involved not only
our birthday girl in his illusions, but several adults as well.
We also appreciated his communication before the show
to learn about what interests our daughter has and what she might like to see."
Meridith T.
September 22, 2012 (Birthday Party)

"Vick was fantastic from start to finish.
He took great care to understand what we wanted from his performance.
He performed during our holiday party in front of about 30 adult guests and our 5 year old son.
The performance was very polished
and he included a few tricks especially for our son
who was absolutely entranced by the experience.
He stayed on afterwards to allow people to ask questions and did some close up magic.
Our guests were very impressed and this is testimony to Vick's talent and professionalism.
I would heartily recommend Vick's performance."
-Joe W,
Reston, VA
December 4, 2010

"I can't begin to describe how happy we were with Vick's performance at our daughter's Harry Potter themed 11th Birthday Party!
I have to tell you I was worried for him since he would be performing in front of ten 10/11 year old girls
but his Professor Snape was spot on
and his knowledge of the series was strong and convincing for even the most proficient fans in attendance!
Plus, his performance was amazing!!
The adults at the party couldn't help but all crowd around too.
The girls were thrilled and everyone was still talking about him as they were leaving for the evening.
His professionalism and attention to detail were impeccable.
Highly, highly recommended!!"
Holly M.
Bel Air Maryland
February 10, 2018
Harry Potter Party performance as Professor Snape

"Dear Vick,
It was our pleasure to have you here,
and I will definitely be recommending you to my colleagues at other libraries!
Successful programming is a two-way street, and you certainly did your share by arriving early,
being prepared, and radiating calm. I appreciated that!
Thanks again for a wonderful show--
I have heard nothing but positive comments from the parents and kids who attended,
People really enjoyed your show, and the mysterious, magical mood you created.
There was something for everyone, and you tailored your show to suit the audience.
So thanks again for a magical afternoon (the bubbles were my favorite part!),
and I hope we can have you back at Damascus in the future.
Amy A."
Head of Children's Services Damascus Library
Damascus, MD
July 20, 2011

"Adults enjoyed the show just as much as did the children.
Vick patiently waited until all of the guests arrived and communicated his intentions very well.
He understands, gains, and maintains the focus and attention of the minds of children,
as well as kept them all entertained, and participating in the show, a challenging task in itself.
He is a gentleman and a scholar in performance arts and illusion, and you can see he takes pride
in putting on a special performance no matter where he takes the stage.
A most versatile, accommodating, and pleasant entertainer who I will ever have had the pleasure to meet.
You cant go wrong with this performer!"
Clint R.
Sterling, VA
August 20, 2011 (Birthday Party)

Vick was absolutely brilliant! Awesome, as my daughter said.
He not only gave an exceptional performance but could communicate with the audience in a special way.
He is a talented magician, a great professional, a superb entertainer.
He has style, kindness, talent. I was also impressed by how careful he was in the preparation of the show.
We spent one year in the US and are now returning to Lisbon where we live.
I dare to say that Vick's show is one of the best memories my kids will take home
and something they will never forget. Thanks Vick!
Helena C, Potomac, MD
6/14/14 (Going Away Celebration)

Vick played Professor Snape from Harry Potter for our son's 9th birthday
and he was a HUGE hit. He played the part well and his magic was astounding.
Vick had each of the 11 kids at the party involved in at least one trick
and really dazzled not only the kids, but the adults as well. He was extremely professional
and just a delight to work with when planning our party.
He was quick to respond, via email, and really planned well.
Our son has been interested in magic since he was young and has seen quite a few magicians,
but he said he thought Vick was the best he has ever seen!
Kandice D

".... Have to tell you that as a magician I enjoyed you very, very much.
I think you are a very clever magician that presents his stuff in a clear and original manner.
A breath of fresh air.
I wish you all the best, and the fortune you most certainly deserve.
May the magic be with you!
Sincerely, "
Mariano Z
Lithia Springs, Georgia
January 18, 2010

"Dear Professor Snape A.K.A. Vick Gisin,
Thank you, Professor Snape for performing your magic at Howard County Library,
More Muggle Midnight Madness was a hit with over 650 attendees
Everyone was impressed with Professor Snape and his feats of magic.
They raved about how realistic the evening was and their encounters 
with you only made them feel more like a part of Hogwarts.
Everyone was asking about Professor Snape and his true identity
Thank you for your time and dedication helping to make this evening a success.
We look forward to your future magic show at various Howard County Library Branches this fall
Cari G
July 20, 2007
Head of Children's and Teen Educational Programs.
Howard County Libraries

"I just wanted to thank you for being at our prom.
We all had an absolutely amazing night and your performances
made it especially memorable and unique for everyone.
You were awesome and it was such an honor to be able to enjoy your talents there,
our class will never forget it!
We were all so incredibly impressed
and would not hesitate to recommend you for future events at NDP.
Thank you again!"
Nadia and the Class of 2010
Notre Dame Prep School
April 24, 2010

We hired Vick for our son's first birthday party.
Please let me point out why he is awesome.
All my guests were entertained kids as well as adults.
Every guest I invited mentioned that he is really good and very entertaining without even asking.
The best thing is that his magic is just awesome.
It includes everything and all kinds of magic. Mind reading, illusions, card magic, everything.
Secondly he is a great entertainer. He is such a gentleman, so polite and so friendly.
Third he is very punctual and prompt in replying all email and phone calls.
You do not have to remind him a second time.
Vick I really want to thank you for making my son's first birthday amazing and perfect.
Your show made the birthday special for everyone.
Nivedita S.
June 23, 2016

Pack 76 would like to express their sincere thanks for making our event truly memorable!
It was a hit!!
The kids loved you and the parents were so impressed, they were asking if you do birthday parties!
Your showmanship truly kept all ages of the audience in suspense and amazement.
Your special cub scout emphasis to the show made it a perfect start to our Blue and Gold Ceremony.
Thank you so very much. It has certainly been pleasure to work with you and
I will definitely recommend you to other Packs.
PS. It was truly heartwarming to see one of my little bear scouts
really take a shine to you. He rarely ever reaches out to anyone
and he was extremely inspired by you.
Gail W."
Pack 76
March 4, 2012

"I have never heard so many positive comments about the entertainment
chosen for our annual cub scout Blue/Gold dinner as this year
when Vick performed for 100 or more wide eyed scouts.
Both kids and parents were amazed by the magic!
In addition, we were all impressed by the way Vick incorporated
scouting values and the 100th Birthday of scouting into the program.
I would highly recommend this Magician for any event."
P. Johnson Pack 688
February 21, 2010

"Thanks so much for the great job this afternoon,
all of the kids loved the performance!
We especially appreciate you adjusting your tricks so that they were age appropriate,
and the timing was just right.
The other teachers all had glowing remarks about your performance as well.
You were a hit!
Thanks again for taking time to entertain our classes ...."
Lauren B.
Hollifield Elementary School
October 21, 2007

"This was a 98th birthday party in a retirement home with an audience of approximately 40, of varied ages.
Punctual and communicative as if it were a military operation.
All was in readiness...no surprises.
Complete ease with his illusions and audience enabled a "wow" growing from illusion to illusion.
Got the audience involved up front and kept them glued to his activity.
Not only would hire him again but easily recommend him to anyone else = BRAVO.
btw, I'd rate Vick Gisin a 6 out of 5 for rapport and ease and communication with the client."
Lawrence C.
Falls Church, Virginia
January 30, 2011

"His performance was spectacular and mind racking.
I loved every bit of It!!!!!!"
Javon B,
Aberdeen, Maryland
February 7, 2009 (16th Birthday Party)

"Vick was fabulous!
He made my son's Harry Potter party a truly memorable event.
I can't rave about him enough!"
Donna R,
Media, Pennsylvania
November 1, 2008 (Professor Snape Performance)

Am honored and incredibly fortunate to have the most wonderful clients, fans & friends
Thank You!

Illusions by Vick has the great pleasure to perform for

and a Huge Thank you to
Partial Client & Venue List Including:

The Smithsonian,*
John Hopkins,*
John Hopkins Applied Physics Lab,
Mercedes Benz,*
Toyota Motors of North America
D.o.D. (Department of Defense),*
Symphony Orchestra of Northern Virginia,
The British Embassy,
The World Bank
Hewlett Packard,
Rite Aid,
Precision Tune,
The National Zoo,*
Maryland Zoo,*
Lions Club,
20s & 30s Going Out Group,*
Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Shop/Museum, *
Magooby's Joke House,
B & O Railroad Museum,*
PM Hospitality Strategies, Inc,*
Aloft Hotels,*
Everest Wealth Management,
Rosenthal Wealth Management
Edward Jones Financial Advisors*
Booz Allen Hamilton,
Wiley Rein,*
Alliance Francaise,
Cox Farms "Fields of Fear",*
Andrews Air Force Base Library,*
Beth Tfiloh,*
JCC of Northern Virginia,*
Washington DC JCC,*
Southern Maryland Hospital Center,
Victorian National Tea,

University of Maryland,*
University of Maryland Women's Basketball Team,
Towson University,*
The Department of Neurology at John Hopkins,
Goucher College,*
Coastal Carolina University,
Herndon Festival,*
Chestertown Harry Potter Festival,
Di-Atglen Alley Wizard Faire,*
Warrenton Wizard Walk,
Strasburg Blues Festival,
Colonial Beach Rock N Blues Festival,*
Howard County Public Libraries,*
Howard County Public Schools,*
Carroll County Public Schools,*
Montgomery County Public Libraries,
Baltimore County Public Schools,*
Foxcroft Academy,
Bullis School,*
The Four Seasons,*
Sunrise of Mclean,*
Sunrise of Rockville,*
The Ronald McDonald House,*
Richmond Children's Hospital,
World Recycle Battery Trade Association,
Mechanical Contractors Association of Maryland
Blue & Gold Banquets,*
Georgetown University
Bally's Atlantic City,
Odyssey Cruises,*
Spirit Cruises,*
Hillwood Museum,
D.A.R. Constitution Hall,
The Harmon Center for the Arts,*
Baltimore Museum of Art,
Baltimore Harborplace Amphitheater,
The Wyndham,*
The W,*
Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel,*
Gaylord National Hotel *
MGM National *
among many others (over 3,000 private events)

* denotes multiple apperances

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