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Magician Illusions by Vick Videos

Where the boundaries of our
usual existence may bend just a little ...
...... or not exist at all

Please note
to maintain an element of surprise
The videos here do not
include some very special
moments in the show
bringing audience members up for
fun, heartfelt moments
and the amazing mentalist effects

Floating Butterflies
This beautiful piece is the ending for almost every show
The effect runs longer for live performances

This video clip caught an unexpected moment

Transference of Matter
B & O Railroad Museum
                         Circa 2007

Sometimes we color outside of the lines

The Sorcerers Apprentice

This piece is a favorite,
it's different for every audience
and continually evolving.
I often help set this effect up through
interaction with the audience before the performance.

Step Back in Time with

The Symphony of the Rings

A great man was kind enough to help with a fun bit of magic.
A bit of mentalism, card work, magic but most of all fun.

From a benefit show for the Howard County Libraries in 2005

It is a function of art to renew our perception.

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The stage portion of video is from a fund raiser 7 years ago
The show has grown and changed very much since then