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Presenting Outstanding Entertainment Programs
for Retirement Homes and Assisted Living Communities
Illusions by Vick

If you are considering a unique, interesting, lively activity and entertainment program
your residents will attend, enjoy and relate to
while employing an entertainer who is experienced with and
understands the needs and interests of a retirement community and the residents
you are in the right place.

Illusions by Vick makes it easy for you with a self contained show
providing everything required including PA system and all stage equipment.
If a stage is not available the Illusions by Vick show
can be performed in as small as a 6 foot square area.
All that is required is access to electricity.

Illusions by Vick fully understands some residents may have different mental capacities
and tailors the show to take this into account.

Part of what makes all this possible is Illusions by Vick was raised by his Grandparents
and can easily relate to the generation living in Retirement homes and Assisted Living communities
as he grew up with some of the references and values of this generation.
This generation is unique being accustomed to and appreciating live entertainment.

About the show

Normally I suggest a 45 minute program (usually runs a few minutes over)
which includes Original Illusions
"Dinner" (a story of my date arriving 45 minutes early for dinner and I have to
"Magic" the table together including floating a paper rose, setting in on fire in a quick controlled 
flash and pulling a real rose from the flame)
"Through the Looking Glass", "The Rites of Spring", "The Sorcerers Apprentice" and
"Floating Butterflies" along with engaging classics of magic.

Illusions by Vick is real, professional entertainment,
not the typical children's magician some think of when a magician comes to mind.
The show is similar to what someone will go to enjoy in a theater setting
Updated for this century while maintaining some of the feel of an earlier generation's live entertainment.

Parts of the show are presented in narrative with short stories being shared as the magic unfolds.
A few pieces are performed to classical music.
Some are beautiful (Floating Butterflies) just for the sake of it while some are heartfelt 
and share experiences or amazing stories.

Illusions by Vick's performance is 100% clean and family friendly
There is no "blue" material, no innuendos and no double entendres of any sort.

My attire is your choice but if I could please suggest a well attired illusionist
(modern tux, not tails and not stuffy)
Please feel free to inquire about the characters Illusions by Vick is available to perform as

Schedule allowing Vick makes himself available to speak with interested residents and staff after the show
about magic, the show or performing arts.
This is part of the package.

Here are a few emails received after recent shows
Illusions by Vick performed for retirement communities and assisted living facilities.

"Thank you very much Vick!
It was a pleasure having you perform at Ingleside.
The residents are still raving about your show.
You brightened their lives and enabled me to branch out with my programming.
Take care and I will be in touch soon, we would love to have you back in the future!
Tiffany P
Cultural Arts Manager
Ingleside at King Farm
Side note , Illusions by Vick was the first non musical entertainment program at Ingleside
and also performed another show the same week at Ingleside
for the early stage dementia residents and their families

"He captivated the audience immediately!
A great personality and interacted with the residents wonderfully!
Would have him back and recommend to others.
Thanks Vick you made it an extra special day for our residents and families!!!!"
Debi W
Sunrise of McLean

"This was a 98th birthday party in a retirement home with an audience of approximately 40, of varied ages.
Punctual and communicative as if it were a military operation.
All was in surprises. Complete ease with his illusions
and audience enabled a "wow" growing from illusion to illusion.
Got the audience involved up front and kept them glued to his activity.
Not only would hire him again but easily recommend him to anyone else = BRAVO.
btw, I'd rate Vick Gisin a 6 out of 5 for rapport and ease and communication with the client."
Lawrence C.
Elder Care Independent Living Homes

Once again I wanted to thank you for putting on such a fabulous show!
Our residents really enjoyed this and we hope to have you back in the future!
Kelly M
Community Resources Coordinator
Ashby Ponds-Erickson Communities

Illusions by Vick has performed for family days, birthday parties, private shows, holiday functions,
Mock Renninansse Festivals and best of all, purely for entertainment at retirement homes and assisted living facilities.
There is flexibility in the performance and am able to accommodate most requests.

Contact ~ Shows@illusionsbyvick or 443-540-9631  
Please feel free to call or email with any questions, for bookings or if I can be of any assistance
and I'll be glad to assist in any way I can

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