Having a Harry Potter theme party?
Bring Hogwarts to life
at your special event with one of the
most intriguing and popular characters
From the Harry Potter Stories...

Professor Severus Snape

"....I can teach you how to bewitch the mind
and ensnare the senses.
I can tell you how to bottle fame, brew glory,
and even put a stopper in death."

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The Professor Snape shows begins with
10 - 15 minutes of "testing" the students,
(close up magic with guests trying to
perform magic spells like
Wingardium Leviosa and Reducto,
which can have unexpected results).

Snape favors Slytherin's but some how
Gryffindor's occasionally seem to get over,

Then Professor Snape performs 30 minutes
of Harry Potter themed magical entertainment
Including spells and objects from the Harry Potter stories

Schedule allowing Professor Snape answer questions and speaks
with interested guests about the Harry Potter stories.

Am very well versed in the books (and moves).
Please understand that Snape is presented 100% as he is in the books, snide attitude, never missing an opportunity belittle Harry Potter, snarky remarks and all. Audiences eat it up, sort of like Simon Cowell when he was on American Idol. Snape really is a complex and sometimes nasty character but people love him. To keep him real I occasionally have someone get over on Snape. For younger audiences I can tone Snape down a little so he is not so intimidating

There is a concern where in the time line of the story to portray Professor Snape. Snape is seen as increasingly more vile up through the seventh book where his true motives are finally revealed. Most parties ask for Snape circa "The Order of the Phoenix" (5th Book/Movie), truly snarly but not yet viewed as the most vile creature in the wizard world. Snape can be performed at different timelines in the story depending on where your readers are in the books or which movies they have seen.

Had the great pleasure to perform as Professor Snape
for the last 5 movie premiers,
various book releases, festivals,
with the Symphony Orchestra of Arlington at
their music of Harry Potter concert,
At the Chestertown Harry Potter Festival,
at the Howard County Library Party "Muggle Madness"
for release of "The Deathly Hallows"
with over 650 attendees
Magooby's Comedy Club
Multiple appearances at the Annapolis Bookstore
Plus Fund Raisers, Blue & Gold Banquets
and over 200 private events.

I've performed at parties where families
go all out and turn their home
into Hogwarts. Guests come dressed
as their favorite characters from the books
(which can be a lot of fun)
and I've performed at parties with
just a few simple decorations and
one of the movies playing

If you Google "Harry Potter Party Ideas"
There is a lot of great information
Like this Pinterest page
about Harry Potter theme parties
and you may have a few ideas in mind already.
The dressing up and sorting into houses
as the guests come in is usually a lot of fun
and helps the feel of the party.
However it can be a lot.
There is no right or wrong way
as long as everyone
enjoys themselves.

Please know that I am here for you,
an email or telephone call away
if you have questions, requests, suggestions
or if I can be of assistance in any way

What's being said about Illusions by Vick
~ As Professor Snape

We all LOVED your performance - kids and adults alike!
It really made the party extra special,
and very memorable for Kelsey,
to have Professor Snape hold class
with such a variety of illusions.
We felt fortunate to have discovered you.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Beth A

Vick played Professor Snape from Harry Potter for our son's 9th birthday
and he was a HUGE hit. He played the part well and his magic was astounding.
Vick had each of the 11 kids at the party involved in at least one trick
and really dazzled not only the kids, but the adults as well.
He was extremely professional and just a delight to work with when planning our party.
He was quick to respond, via email, and really planned well.
Our son has been interested in magic since he was young and has seen quite a few magicians,
but he said he thought Vick was the best he has ever seen!

Kandice D

Vick was fabulous! He made my son's Harry Potter party a truly memorable event.
I can't rave about him enough!
-Donna R,

Dear Professor Snape
A.K.A. Vick Gisin,
Thank you, Professor Snape for performing your magic at Howard County Library, More Muggle Midnight Madness was a hit with over 650 attendees Everyone was impressed with Professor Snape and his feats of magic. They raved about how realistic the evening was and their encounters with you only made them feel more like a part of Hogwarts. Everyone was asking about Professor Snape and his true identity Thank you for your time and dedication helping to make this evening a success. We look forward to your future magic show at various Howard County Library Branches this fall Sincerely,
Cari G
Head of Children's and Teen Educational Programs.
Howard County Libraries

Thank you so much for performing at the SOA's
The Music of Harry Potter.
Thanks to your participation we brought music to
over 400 friends and family!
-Symphony Orchestra of Arlington

We booked Vick as the entertainer for our;
daughter's 8th birthday party,
and we were excited and pleased by his performance.
He offers a variety of packages, and for our party,
Vick took on the persona of Professor Snape
(from the Harry Potter books)
during a 45 minute magic act.
Vick will adjust his performance to meet your
preference based on the age
and interest of the audience.
He can vary the intensity of Snape's nastiness.
Given the members of our party,
Snape was mildly irritated by the
non-Slytherins, but not scary.
The magic was captivating and held the interest of
both adults and children.
Vick's communication during the booking process was
excellent and the payment process was clear and easy.
Out of character, he is easy-going,
friendly with guests, and always professional.
An easy recommendation!
Mike C

Then magician Vick Gisin — in the guise of Professor Severus Snape
astonished the crowd with his magical talents, such as levitating and shrinking objects,
and igniting a page from a book into flame.
“He was amazing and everyone who saw him was blown away,” Said Tess Hogans,
vice president of the Harry Potter Festival Volunteer Executive Board
and theater manager at the Garfield Center for the Arts.

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